2 Days 1 Night Conquer Rinjani Summit

Trek Level

Hard Level – Recommended for expert hikers

Trek Durations

3 Days Tour ( inc. 1 Night before hike)

Trek Path

Start Sembalun Village – Finish Sembalun Village

Trek Distance

Total 20 Km

Details Trip

Rinjani Trekking 2 Days 1 Night to Summit

This Rinjani Trekking Package is specially designed for experienced climbers who have a high level endurance and physical.This Trip will gives you a complete Experience to conquer the higest Place in Lombok Island that is The Top Of Mount Rinjani 3726 Masl.overnight at crater rim Sembaalun 2639 m,And also enjoy the beautiful sunset and sunrise from a height.
if you are a beginner climber and not sure that you can finish climbing The Summit in 2 days 1 nights,is the best choice is choose 3 days 2 night Rinjani Summit for Beginner Climbers because you can get enough rest time and travel leisurely without rushing after come back from The Top.
This Trekking package will starting from Sembalun village and ending in Sembalun village.

Start point sembalun >> Crater Rim sembalun >> Summit >> Finish Point Sembalun village.


Day 0/Arrival Day
For your comfort and safety,we will pick you up in all areas in Lombok Island such as Airport,Harbour and other place such as in the hotel.then take you to Senaru Village for overnight before start climbing.our guide will explain you about the itinerary,ensure and prepare all you need for climbing.
(you can visit and enjoing the sights of popular and stunning waterfalls in Senaru Village,if you arrive before afternoon.)

Trip day 1
Senaru village >>sembalun village>>crater rim sembalun.

Wake up at 6 am,take a shower and get your breakfast.then prepare and pack your trekking equipment that you will bring for Trekking before we start to go to the start point.
“we will keep your luggage in our office”
Our Mountain car is ready to take you to sembalun village (start poin of climbing) with a guide and porter.only 45 minute drive from senaru to sembalun.after arriving then register in RINJANI NATIONAL PARK OFFICE and check health standars for climbers.
“Bring your passport when filling in registration”
After Registrations process is complete then we start the journey.the first day climbing from. Sembalun village to crater rim/camping site takes approximately 8 to 9 hours including rest and stop for lunch.Passed several postal stops namely POS 1 Pemantauan,POS 2 tengengean,POS 3 padabalong and POS 4 cemara seribu.your every step will be accompanied by a view of the hills and vast meadows.
we will stop for lunch at POS 2.relax while enjoying the view with a bottle of drink and a cup o tea or coffe,your guide and porters cooking and preparing your lunch.
after finishing lunch then we continue our journey to crater rim/camp site.The uphi trek will begin from Pos 3 padabalong to crater rim/campsit,it will require extra energy and a high level of patience to reach the top.but everything will pay off when we arrive at crater rim,you will be greeted with a beautiful and amazing view of Segara anak lake,The Top Of Volcano and secenary arround Mount Rinjani.sit and rest while enjoying the view with a cup of hot tea or coffe and special fried bananas or biscuits.guide and porters prepares and cooks for dinner.
Your guide will evaluate The trip and explain the procedure for summit program,while enjoying dinner.
“Rest and sleep earlier and prepare your energy to conquer The summit tommorow morning”

Trip summary Day 1
mileage time will vary depending on climber speed and condition.
• 06.00 : wake up,shower,breakfast,packing.
• 07.30 : drive to sembalun village/starting poin
• 08.30 : registration at Rinjani National Park Office.
• 09.00 :starting a journey.
• 12.00 :stop for lunch.
• 17.00 : Arrived at crater rim,rilex,dinner and sleep.

Trip Day 2
Campsite/crater rim sembalun>>Summit>>campsite>>Sembalun Village
Wake up at 2 am,our Team provides a light breakfast and hot coffe or hot tea before begin to climb Summit.The Guide will check and ensure all equipment needed during the ascent to the Summit such as Head lamp,Trekking Shoes,gloves,windproof jacket,walking stick,water, and so on.climbing the Summit takes 3 to 4 hours,depending on Climber Speed.
“Make sure to bring water, some energy bars and a camera in a small backpack. Leave all unnecessary items in the tent.”
climb to the top will start after everything is ready and the guide will give a directions about situation and condition summit route.
There are 3 stages that must be passed to reach the Summit.
The first stage : a steep hill with a height of approximately 300 meters with a sandy and dusty ground structure, at this stage the climbers are already have a warming up to proceed to the next stage.
The second stage : easier and less steep but longer about 1.5 to 2 hours, the challenge of climbers at this stage is very cold temperatures that can reach 0 degrees Celsius, strong cold winds when there is a storm, thick fog and drowsiness,many of beginner climbers give up at this stage.
The last stage : local people usually call “Jalur letter E” because its shape is like letter.is the most difficult stage among all the trails in Rinjani Mountain and is the most difficult challenge for climbers because there are so many novice climbers who give up here.
The path with a slope of 60 degrees with structure of the road with small rocks and gravel, will make your two steps forward and slip one step back which will really make all climbers feel tired and hopeless. This path is taken about 1 to 1.5 hours depending on climber speed.
But everything will pay off after arriving at the highest peak in Lombok Island and the second highest peak in Indonesia, tiredness and sleepiness will disappear after we are presented with amazing views and become a pride for a climber who can reach the highest peak.
after enjoying the peak then we will go straight down to campsite to rest and have breakfast.to get to campsite takes 1.5 to 2 hours.
the challenge of climbers when descending from the peak is muscle weakness in the knees and lack of energy due to sleepiness.but sometimes we don’t care about that taste because on every way we will be presented with an amazing view of Mount Rinjani.
Attention: it is forbidden to take pictures while walking, make sure you are in a safe place before taking pictures.
After breakfast and short rest,journey will continue down To Sembalun Village.Lunch will serve on the way at Pos 2 Sembalun.
“We don’t have much time to rest and will be a bit rushed in Trekking Package 2 days 1 nights Summit Because we have to arrive In Sembalun village before afternoon .this package is very specifically for experienced climbers and has a high level of endurance . for beginner climbers it is highly recommended to take Trekking Package 3 days 2 night Summit For Beginnner Climbers You will have time to relax and rest when back from the Top and over night for the second night in crater rim or pos 3 Sembalun.”

The way down to sembalun take 5 to 6 hours included lunch on the way.
Our Mountain car is waiting for you at Sembalun village to take you to Senaru village/office to pick up your luggage.
after arriving at senaru village then take your luggage in our office,farewell to your guides and porters and Our Car will take you to your next destination.
End of our service.

Trip summary Day 2
mileage time will vary depending on climber speed and condition
• 02.00 : wake up,have a light breakfast
• 03.00 : Start conquer the summit.
• 06.00 : Reach the top.
• 08.00 :back down to caampsite.
• 10.00 :breakfast and short rest.
• 11.00 : start go down to Sembalun Village
• 13.00 : lunch
• 15.00 : arrive in Sembalun village.
• 16.00 : Arrive in senaru village/office and then bring you tou your next destination.

Prices per person (private package Regular)
2-3 Participants = USD 243/pax
4-5 Participants = USD 233/pax
6-7 Participants = USD 219/pax
8-9participant =USD 202/Pax
10+ Participants = USD182/pax

Prices per person (private package comfort)
2-3 Participants = USD 316/pax
4-5 Participants = USD 206/pax
6-7 Participants = USD 292/pax
8-9 participant =USD 275/Pax
10+ Participants = USD255/pax

Price included for private package regular.
1 : Transport
pick up on arrival day and drop off after finish trek to next destinations.
We use private car with full Air Conditioner.
3 : Standar room with hot shower in senaru village before climb.
We use :(villa bamboo home stay senaru,pondok guru bakti senaru,bale kayu senaru)
4 . Local speak english guide.
We use 1 guide for maximum 8 participant in a group and use 2 guide for minimum 10 participant
5 . Local porter for bring all food and equipment.
6 . Food and water during in Rinjani Mountain.
(2 time Lunch,1 time Dinner,1 time breakfast) mineral water 2 bottle/day.
7 . Tekking equipment.
>>spong Mattras 2cm.
>>Sleeping bed.
>>toilet tent.
8 . Ticket entry Rp.150.000/day/person.
9 . Insurance during in rinjani mountain.
10.health check fee.

Price included for private package Comfort)
1 : Transport
pick up on arrival day and drop off after finish trek to next destinations.
We use private car with full Air Conditioner.
3 : Deluxe room in senaru village before climb.
We Use :(Rinjani Lodge and Pondok Senaru)
4 . Local speak english guide.
We use 1 guide for maximum 4 participant in a group and use 2 guide for minimum 6 participant.
5 . Local porter for bring all food and equipment.
6.Additional porter for carying your own things during climb.(weight maximum 20kg.)
7. Food and drink during in Rinjani Mountain.
(2 time Lunch,1 time Dinner,1 time breakfast) mineral water 2 bottle/day,soft drink.
8 . Tekking equipment.
>spong Mattras 5cm.
>Sleeping bed.
>toilet tent.
>camping table
>camping Chair
9. Ticket entry Rp.150.000/day/person.
10. Insurance during in rinjani mountain.
11.health check fee.

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Costumers Testimonials

Kent Chen.

Malaysian Hiker

Good service, will go again! Quite challege, loved all the food provided.

Marc Downey.

CAnada Hiker

Nous avons vraiment aimé notre expérience avec Irwan Trekker !

Maston van Paropo.

Germany Hiker

Irwan Trekker and his team are very friendly and oraganise the hike amazingly from the starting point until the end. We really enjoyed the time while climbing. The guide was patiently waiting for us when we were slow and motivated us to keep walking. I will come back again to climb Rinjani with another friends and I would like to join Irwan Trekker again, and again.

The entire Team works perfectly together.
If you want to hike Rinjani, don't forget to join Irwan Trekker. It worth it...
Thank you so much for the great time in Senaru.

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